Company history

The 4B Braime Group has a rich heritage, tracing back its origins to the 19th century, when oilcans made in a small workshop by Thomas Braime quickly gained a reputation for quality. Thomas, the eldest son of a veterinary surgeon, was apprenticed to McLaren, an engineering company manufacturing steam traction engines, but after losing his thumb in an accident, was inspired to look for effective ways to apply oil to machinery. In 1888, he set up production in Hunslet, Leeds, using the new pressings technology. His younger brother Harry, also a skilled engineer, joined him as partner. The rise of the motor industry increased demand for metal pressings and larger premises were soon needed for the expanding business.

The current Braime buildings, with its attractive red brick and terracotta frontage, was constructed between 1911 and 1914. During the First World War, the company played an important role in armament provision, training women as skilled munition workers. The group’s headquarters remains in its listed buildings on Hunslet Road; the beautiful interiors are often used in film sets. However, today, the group is truly international with subsidiaries in North America, Europe, China, South East Asia, Africa and Australia.

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Braime oil cans
T.F. Braime Pictured (Far Right) - 1943
Braime - premises on Goodman Street
view of the Braime press shop in 1920
Braime - current buildings - dating from 1911
close-up front of Braime Building
Braime 130th anniversary plaque
His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, visiting 4B Braime Group

Thomas Braime sets up production of steel pressings in Hunslet, Leeds (UK)


Braime introduces the first seamless steel elevator bucket


Foundation of 4B Braime Components, to serve the bucket elevator & conveyor market


Launch of 4B’s electronic components range

Foundation of 4B’s first international subsidiary: 4B Elevator Components, near Chicago, USA


4B aсquires the French elevator company SETEM, which later becomes 4B France


The group opens regional office in Thailand: 4B Asia-Pacific


The group moves into Germany with 4B Deutschland


The group opens a subsidiary in South Africa to serve the subsaharian market: 4B Africa


The group establishes operations in Brisbane, Australia


The group establishes Chinese operations in Changzhou, China


Commemoration of 130 years of "Engineering Excellence"


4B strengthens its position in Europe with new French office & warehouse complex


4B Group opens office in Sharjah, UAE - 4B Middle East