Onsite Commissioning

After 4B products have been installed by a qualified electrician, 4B's commissioning service is available to inspect and certify proper installation of our sensors and control units prior to operation.  A brief overview of the service is listed below. 


 • All rigid and flexible conduits inspected for: cracks, breaks, tightness of connections, and suitability for purpose. 

 • All wiring inspected for: ground faults, shorts, suitability for purpose. 

 • All sensors and controls inspected for correct installation and wiring 

 • All sensors and controls inspected for any signs of damage, and tested to insure proper working order. 

 • Detailed written inspection and testing report with any recommendations given to client. 



 • Sensors are removed from their location to ensure that they were centered on the belt. 

 • Each Touchswitch is physically inspected for damage and wear. 

 • Touchswitch LED and alarm contacts are tested. 

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Temperature Sensors: 

 • All sensors are inspected and resistance is checked. 

 • Sensors are also checked for correct identification, location and sensor type. 

 • Sensors are checked for proper temperature alarm and shutdown trip points using 4B’s ADB Tester.

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Speed Switches: 

 • All speed switches are checked for proper installation. 

 • Sensors are checked for proper underspeed alarm and shutdown set points using 4B's SpeedMaster™. 

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Warning: 4B recommends that all sensors are wired to provide automatic shutdown of monitored equipment, when a hazardous condition is detected.


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