4B SG Pneumatic Slidegate

The 4B series of Fabricated Heavy Duty Slide Gates are engineered as horizontal shut off gates for dry materials in gravity flow applications such as powders, coal, granules and pellets.
The gates are not suitable to seal in applications where a differential pressure exists.

4B SG Pneumatic Slidegate
Product Features
  • Manufactured in Carbon Steel as Standard – Stainless Steel Optional.
  • Gate Plate – Stainless Steel to ensure smooth operation & Corrosion Resistance.
  • Support Rollers: Stainless Steel.
  • Optional Service Inlet.
  • Range of Standard Sizes available & custom sizes made to Order.
  • Hand Wheel, Chain Wheel, Pneumatic and Motor versions available.
  • Large variety of sealing materials available to suit the application.
  • Easily accessible stuffing box seals which can replaced whilst in line.